The HAVENING TECHNIQUES™ is a method, which is designed to change the brain, to de-traumatize a memory and PERMANENTLY REMOVE its negative effects from both our psyche and body. As part of its protocol the Havening Technique uses the sensory input of human touch as a therapeutic tool which has been identified as HAVENING TOUCH®.

Havening was developed by Dr. Ronald Ruden, a Medical Doctor and Neuroscientist from New York. Having spent fourteen years researching successful treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dr. Ruden was able to first develop, and now teach, this truly remarkable treatment.

The process of Havening is simple. By stroking the face, arms and hands, massive amounts of serotonin (naturally produced) are released into the body. By using a combination of images and sound, the working memory (auditory loop & visual sketchpad) become disrupted. This combination actually removes the traumatic neural pathway from the brain. The memory that something bad has happened is still there, but it doesn’t emote within you anymore. Quite literally, the road to anxiety is removed and a new emotional response is generated. For problems such as simple phobias, Havening achieves results that are rapid, gentle and permanent, sometimes in just minutes. It is a gentle and safe way to deal with emotional blocks and trauma, without having to endlessly ruminate on the worst time of your life. A skilful practitioner will be able to flexibly combine the different Havening Techniques to give the best results.

Successful Havening typically results in the client feeling very relaxed and at peace together with memory retrieval of the traumatic event being either fuzzy or incomplete, unable to access it at all, or some positive replacement in the form of a metaphorical solution. The trials and tribulations of clients’ lives have long been a bone of contention, in that overcoming problems has been the focus of therapy for many years. As with all new technologies we find faster and better ways to get results that really do make a difference. This is one of the times where what we thought was unobtainable is now totally accessible via Havening Touch methodologies.

So if you’ve experienced life trauma such as abuse, bullying, a serious accident or natural disaster, experiences in combat and war, extreme embarrassment or humiliation, animal attack, been on the receiving end of criminal behaviour or stalking, received serious threats, been part of an emergency situation, viewed disturbing scenes, experienced sudden loss, faced serious illness or injury, suffered extreme pain, felt terrified by something that happened, felt completely out of control in a situation, felt acute strong negative emotions, such as anger, grief, jealously and sadness, compulsive thoughts and behaviours such as hair pulling, and or imaging stressful situations, general anxiety, panic attacks and chronic somatic pain … I CAN HELP YOU !

It’s not surprising if you have found it hard to shake off these traumatic experiences. You may have been carrying them around inside so they’ve been interfering with your life. You may have found that unhelpful feelings and responses to the past trauma have been triggered over and over again and for this reason you may have sometimes found yourself feeling helpless, trapped and imprisoned by your own past. If you are like most people that have felt haunted by a past trauma, you (quite understandably) won’t be aware of how to interrupt or replace the connections in your mind that keep these powerful, unhelpful responses alive.

Weight issues are so often linked to stressful and emotional issues. In fact emotional eating could well be the number one cause of excessive weight gain. For some people, emotional eating happens so often that it becomes a habit of eating too much all the time. Then they get upset that they’re overweight, so they eat even more to suppress the feeling, and it all becomes a vicious circle.

Sound familiar? If so, at least a part of you is desperate to change your relationship with food, lose weight and generally feel much better. Some people automatically reach for the biscuits whenever any emotion gets too powerful. They eat because they’re happy or excited, but just as often they eat because they’re lonely, disappointed or bored. Others eat because they’re stressed, or they may have started using food as a comfort when they had difficulties or a trauma in their childhood.

Let go of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt or grief relating to people, places, events or things in your past, present and future. Change limiting beliefs that are blocking your life enjoyment and success. Overcome uncontrollable habits, behaviours and addictions. Resolve the emotions that may be negatively impacting your habits and behaviours. Increase your energy levels and feel more alive. Enjoy more inner peace, confidence and contentment, and much more!

As one of the very few people worldwide who have been fortunate enough to be trained in these techniques, my work now encompasses a large amount of Trauma Therapy, producing excellent results. My aim is to help you resolve your issues in as few treatments as possible, in most cases no more than three, by using a unique set of therapies developed over 20 years of clinical practice.

Please note: No medical claims are ever made in relation to Osteomyology, Havening, Hypnotherapy, TFT or NLP and you should always seek advice from trained medical practitioners if you experience any physical or mental conditions.